Why the Liberal Bubble Got Charlottesville Wrong

Since the founding of the Soviet Union, modern leftists have been trying to portray Communism as a great thing.  We know they’ve succeeded because calling anyone a Nazi is viewed as a heinous charge while calling someone a Communist is no big deal and can even be considered a compliment by some leftists. Walter Duranty, a NYT reporter, got a Pulitzer prize for lying about the mass starvation in the Ukraine in the 1930s. Now that we know the truth, neither the Pulitzer committee nor the NYT want to retract the award. Leftists are so eager to support Communism that they say that a reporter who covered up Communism’s mass murder of millions of people deserves an award for journalism. On the other hand, leftists and the MSM are so eager to condemn Nazis that they call people who aren’t Nazis, Nazis just so they can condemn Nazis. You’d never guess that leftists were big fans of Nazis when the Nazis and the Communists invaded Poland. The...(Read Full Article)