What? No Emerging Democratic Majority?

Back in the Oughts, John B. Judis and Ruy Teixeira hit the big time with The Emerging Democratic Majority. They told liberals exactly what they wanted to hear: that women, minorities, educated, and young people were voting Democratic, and there would be more of them every year. The future was ours, comrades. But now Judis, writing in the New Republic, says he was wrong. Why? The answer is really rather simple. His prophecy relied on a Census Bureau assumption, that Moses supposed erroneously. [The Bureau] projects that the same percentage of people who currently identify themselves as “Latino” or “Asian” will continue to claim those identities in future generations. In reality, that’s highly unlikely. History shows that as ethnic groups assimilate into American culture, they increasingly identify themselves as “white.” Oh no! Whiteness is not a genetic category, after all; it’s a social and political construct that...(Read Full Article)