The Pretensions of the Left, Then and Now

Last week a bunch of celebrities were beclowning themselves over President Trump’s meeting with Russia’s President Putin. You see, they actually believe the cooked-up "Russia Collusion" narrative and so naturally assumed that a long meeting between Trump and Putin meant that the two of them were colluding on the end of civilization as we know it. And Peter Beinart had to tell us that Trump’s stirring words about Western civilization and the nation state of Poland were dog whistles to the racist sexist omniphobic alt-right. Really, so now we deplorables are not allowed to celebrate the diversity of our glorious Western heritage? As in: shut up? Okay, so your average celebrity lacks the fighter-pilot vision that can read the imperceptible nod and wink from the ones in the know, the “tell” that this is all just red meat for the base to keep them angried up. But Beinart represents another problem: pretentious folks wearing coke-bottle...(Read Full Article)