New York City's Bogus Public Health Posters

“ZIKA CAN BE SPREAD THROUGH VAGINAL, ANAL, OR ORAL SEX. USE A CONDOM TO PREVENT TRANSMISSION.” This message has been posted as a public service message in the New York City subways, authorized by the mayor’s office. The poster continues: “IT TAKES ONE MOSQUITO BITE TO CONTRACT THE VIRUS.” Thus, there is a graphic announcement about contracting Zika via indulging the pleasure drive, or by the unglamorous route of a single insect bite. The latter is called a “boring contagion.” These risks are publicized for those who, according to the poster, visit Mexico, Central or South American, or the Caribbean. Not only can the traveler be infected, but if the traveler is pregnant or becomes pregnant during such a trip or by having one of three types of sexual contact with persons who are from those countries or have traveled to those countries and returned to the USA, but this detailed poster also warns if “IF PREGNANT OR TRYING, ZIKA CAN...(Read Full Article)