Beware the Known Wolf Attacker

What do terrorist attacks from Ft. Hood to the Boston Marathon, Manchester, and the London Bridge have in common? For all the pundit-prattle and the endless handwringing over what to do to prevent future attacks, the answer is obvious -- and it’s not “if you see something, say something”. It’s if you know something do something. In virtually every terrorist attack we find that the perpetrators were on this or that watch list, had been previously reported to police, or were otherwise known to authorities. British PM Teresa May might want stricter controls on cyber chatter, but let her explain how terrorists can be, not only on police radar but on British TV shown practicing their craft, and British authorities do nothing. These are not “lone wolf” attacks, but rather “known wolf” attacks by jihadis already on the radar of authorities who are otherwise too short on resources or too intimidated by political correctness to do anything....(Read Full Article)