When Bill O'Reilly Fought for Kate Steinle

Fox news icon Bill O’Reilly, arguably the man who propelled Fox News into media dominance, has folded his tent under duress and slipped away under the cloud of multiple charges of sexual harassment. He is the latest conservative target of a liberal left that also targeted the likes of Herman Cain and even Donald Trump himself while excusing arguably the greatest sexual predator to hold a position of power, one William Jefferson Clinton. Clinton could skate on multiple credible charges of sexual abuse and even a credible charge of rape by Juanita Broaddrick. The left’s argument then was that that was personal and as long as Clinton was doing a good job it was not any of our business. Well, sexual abuse of power is always our business, whether it is in the Oval Office or the corridors of a news conglomerate. At this point, the credibility of the charges against Bill O’Reilly are not known, but the left’s hypocrisy on this subject is. Although an accused...(Read Full Article)