Syria: the President as a Man of Action

I suppose it would be going too far to call President Trump a Man of Steel. But he certainly qualifies as a Man of Action in his quick and decisive response to the use of nerve gas in Syria. But what does that make Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama? Perfectly simple. Barack Obama is a Man of Activism. In other words, his whole life is premised on the concept of striking ideological poses. His most notable pose was his 2004 convention speech where he posed as a moderate perfectly balanced on his satin toe-shoes between red states and blue states. Not. There have been other poses since. Some people call it virtue signaling. Of course, nobody can know the unintended consequences of Trump’s Syria bombing. Will it make the bad actors think twice about badness, or will it just twirl the Middle East deeper into chaos? That’s the thing about Men of Action. Once you sign on for the ride, you never know if you will be able to get off. We know that Donald Trump...(Read Full Article)