What Ever Happened to Common Sense?

I have been hearing from many people about common sense lately.  Because a book of mine has that phrase in the title, people frequently offer me their thoughts about common sense.  Over time, this has amounted to a kind of informal and unscientific poll.  Here are the results so far: evidently, there is general agreement that common sense has fallen on hard times in America.  From "common sense has become so uncommon" to "whatever happened to common sense anyway?," the responses agree that American life has been trending away from common sense. And it is obvious to anyone that common sense is not just fading away for reasons unknown.  Common sense has been reeling from an all-out frontal assault.  We need only to consider political correctness.  Political correctness is the rejection of common sense in our political discourse.  The proponents of P.C. demand that schools let boys into girls' bathrooms and that...(Read Full Article)