America: Creed vs. Culture

The debate is raging in conservative circles on whether America is a nation based on creed or culture, or as some put it, one based on blood and soil. It is a debate that has raged for decades, one that many conservatives thought was won and over. But as Donald Trump, and the movement behind him, have done with so many assumptions, is to turn the conservative “movement” on its head. All the “intellectuals” are all in a lather. In fact, America is both a creedal nation as well as a blood and soil nation. It is the merging of these two that gives America is uniqueness. But, what needs to be made clear is that America was not founded as a creedal nation, indeed, the entire concept is absurd. America became, in part, a creedal nation, fully enshrined as one in the 20th Century, but the beginnings of our transfiguration into one was ushered in by Abraham Lincoln’s “New Birth of Freedom.” But that was 80 years after the Founding. One can...(Read Full Article)