People Who Hate Humanity

While liberals talk a lot about racism they ignore the far greater threat of their own Anti-Human Movement (AHM). The AHM is a way to group and describe those people, the vast majority of modern liberals, who object not to this or to that race but to humanity in general. They’re the people who view other people as the problem. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement -- which believes mankind should go away in order to help the planet -- is the extreme wing of the AHM. While the AHM doesn’t have a secret handshake, regular meetings, monthly dues, or even a membership list, it does have an immense impact on modern politics. Because their thesis -- people are the problem -- is so odious, AHM members generally avoid explicitly stating their distaste for humanity. However, we can see what they believe from occasional slips, the statements of the more extreme members, and the policies that they support. To the AHM, people in general are a blight on the planet and...(Read Full Article)