Christmas in a Time of Religious War

The good feelings of the election and Donald Trump’s victory have given way to the horrors of Jihadist reality.  As we celebrate of the birth of our Savior, we are brutally reminded how dangerous the world has become for Christians.  And not just in the Middle East and Africa, but now in Europe and America.  The bombing of the cathedral in Cairo, Egypt that targeted women and children, and the truck attack at a Christmas market in Berlin are further reminders that Islam is at war with us.  It doesn’t matter if we want this war, believe it, deny it or call it something else.  They fervently believe they are at war with us; it is up to us in only how we decide to respond.  One does not want to think of war during the Christmas season; that is why so many Christians ignore the reality.  But those worshipers at St. Paul’s in Cairo only wanted to worship and share in the majesty of the Christmas season; the Germans who visited the...(Read Full Article)