Do You Know or Have You Ever Known a White Supremacist?

I get what the peerless Jen Palmieri was getting at a week ago. She was doing the liberal thing, hurling a liberal pejorative at Kellyanne Conway, breaker of the glass ceiling. She was playing the liberal race card. And if “raaaciss” doesn’t immediately come to mind, “white supremacist” will do the job. Do liberals actually go to school to learn how to do this? But still, I wonder. What exactly does “white supremacist” mean? Let us repair to the teachable moment of In the Heat of the Night when a black policeman arrives in a southern town to investigate a murder. The message is unmistakable. We liberals can send a black policeman down to the Deep South and you losers will like it. But still, there is a question. Is the marquee white supremacist the southern landowner icily showing Sidney Poitier around his orchid conservatory? Or is the real white supremacist the Rod Steiger police chief? Or the pathetic twitching soda jerk who actually...(Read Full Article)