We Must Push Back Against the Borkers of Bannon

Last week the left tried to Bork Steve Bannon, a key Trump campaign aide and proposed “chief White House strategist and senior counselor” and until August executive chairman of Breitbart News, by linking him to the alt-right. The Trumpist response to the attack was haul out Breitbart journalists and others to deny that Bannon and Breitbart had anything to do with the alt-right. Then the NeverTrumpers got into the act to say that while Bannon was innocent of the charges there was no doubt that Breitbart was playing with fire where the alt-right was concerned. I think that the Trump people should have taken the opportunity to change the narrative. It should have turned the story back onto the left. If the alt-right is beyond the fringe, then what about the left? Is the racist La Raza beyond the respectable left fringe? Or racist Black Lives Matter? Or the racist Nation of Islam? Or radical MoveOn.org? Or socialist ANSWER? Somehow there doesn’t seem to be any group...(Read Full Article)