After Political Correctness Comes Trumpidor

I take as revealed truth that to get voters to reach 90% on any issue, you have to scare the pants off them. That is why blacks voted 88% and LGBTs voted 78% for Clinton in the CNN exit polls. On that view it makes complete sense that the Clinton voters have been rioting for the past week. They are scared, because that’s what the Democrat leaders have taught them, to hate and to fear. What fools they are, what dominated fools to think that Clinton was the Earth and sky. But now that she has lost, nobody is going to start lynching blacks or rounding up gays. That’s not because because we white normals are perfect people, not at all. Just like every human, we are deeply prejudiced, and we like our own best. But we don’t believe in using politics to change the world; we are just not that interested in power. But here we have the mind-numbed robots of the Democrats demonstrating in the streets and feeling afraid for their lives and their IUDs as though it was...(Read Full Article)