The Liberal Crusade to Eliminate Justice

One of the strongest arguments that shows how much Hillary hates women is her effort to ensure that a man who raped a 12-year-old girl got off with a one-year sentence. But liberals say Hillary was just doing what she was supposed to do: use any legal trickery to ensure that the guilty walk. This is the corrupted vision of what a fair trial is.  It is what liberals have been foisting on America since the Warren Court made up rights to protect criminals. A fair trial is one where the innocent are found innocent and the guilty are found guilty.  But to liberals, a "fair" trial is one where the rules are followed irrespective of whether or not justice is served. Clearly, police beating confessions out of defendants or breaking into houses without a warrant are not acceptable policies, but the restrictions put on the justice system by the über-liberal Warren Court go far beyond that by excluding evidence based on clerical errors. Liberals show their...(Read Full Article)