Hillary's Two Medical Minefields

Some of Hillary Clinton's health and medical issues are well known: a previous fall and concussion, blood clot, chronic anticoagulation, and underactive thyroid.  Then there is speculation about other problems – neurologic disease including Parkinson's, post-traumatic brain injury, and seizures.  And not idle speculation, either.  There are numerous video clips of Mrs. Clinton's bizarre head movements and facial expressions, lengthy coughing fits, and unusual eye movements, plus her famous 9/11 collapse. To the casual observer, whether a trained physician or someone without a medical background but with common sense, something is clearly wrong with her.  A diligent press would be investigating, asking questions, demanding answers.  Maybe in an alternate universe.  In the present universe, the vast majority of the so-called media are circling the wagons around Mrs. Clinton, doing everything they can to avoid the issue and its...(Read Full Article)