Hey #NeverTrumps: This Could Be Your Last Relevant Election

Labor Day weekend is here, marking the end of summer and the beginning of the real election season.  Donald Trump finds himself up by one point in the latest Rasmussen poll, while other polls show a rapidly shrinking Hillary Clinton lead.  The momentum seems to be shifting, especially following Trump's visit to Mexico and his detailed immigration policy speech – not to mention the Friday afternoon dump of Clinton's FBI interview. Yet the #NeverTrumps are not giving up.  Many are doubling down on their efforts to stop their party's nominee.  Despite Ted Cruz pledging to support the eventual Republican nominee, he withheld his endorsement.  His supporters continue to run ads against Trump in swing states. What will this accomplish?  "Free the Delegates" and "Vote Your Conscience" are catchy phrases to shout from atop a moral high horse.  These #NeverTrumps view themselves as modern-day Paul Reveres, riding...(Read Full Article)