To Trump or Not to Trump? That Is the Question.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill: Trump is the worst presidential candidate, except for all the others. It’s extraordinarily difficult to forgive the people who rejected Cruz, Carson, Walker, and Jindal among others and pushed for Trump. After all, they’ve given us a choice between what a friend of mine called the bad and the unthinkable. Amazingly, the sad reality is that even though Trump is an immature narcissistic self-centered misogynistic bully he’s much better than Hillary. Clearly, Hillary has all those same problems except that she is mature in her behavior hence her evil actions are more thought out and less spontaneous than Trump’s. But of course, that makes Trump the better candidate since a petulant president is far less dangerous than a malevolent ruler. Some might ask how a woman can be a misogynist but Hillary is clearly misogynistic based on her public attacks on the women her husband sexually harassed. But that disdain for...(Read Full Article)