Blue Lives Matter Celebration: Honoring America's Police

Headline: Riots in Milwaukee. “They're beating every white person!” “Black power!” These extremely disturbing comments are from the audio of the riots aired nationwide. I thought, “Well, Obama, Democrats, and mainstream media, are you happy now? Their relentless spreading and nurturing of the bogus narrative that America is racist and cops routinely murder blacks is responsible for unprecedented assassinations of police, chaos and violence in our streets. For decades, Democrats have controlled major cities, enslaving blacks on inner city plantations. Democratic overlords filled their black slave's heads with victimhoodism and hatred for whites and America. This is the cause of blacks launching a race war on white America and police. The Democrats' chickens have come home to roost. It is truly unfortunate that Democrats filling blacks with such negativity has cost them so much, robbing far too many of them of the opportunity of pursuing...(Read Full Article)