Maybe It's Time to Stop 'Thinking about Tomorrow'

With the investigation into his wife’s wrongdoings while Secretary of State drawing to a close (she was questioned yesterday for 3½ hours by the FBI, which usually is done at the end of an investigation) Bill Clinton hopped aboard a government plane on the tarmac in Phoenix. Aboard that plane was Attorney General Loretta Lynch, tasked to decide on whether to indict Hillary. The meeting stirred up a raft of speculation about the odorous half-hour discussion they held in private and her continuing role in the matter. For example: How is it that Lynch and Bill Clinton were both in Phoenix on the tarmac at the same time? The most credible accounts I can find indicate they both flew there separately. She was in Phoenix to give a speech on the administration’s (unprecedented) intrusion into local police operations aka “community policing”. His presence there was never credibly explained. Yes, there were reports he was there to play golf but it was...(Read Full Article)