Forgive the Liberals: They Know Not What They Do

When a white racist thug kills a bunch of black Charleston church ladies we are supposed to go into the Cringe. But when a black racist thug kills a bunch of Dallas policemen we are supposed, even by conservative writers, to get out of our partisan foxholes and fraternize with the other guys in political nomansland. I couldn’t agree more. Forgive the liberals, Father, for they know not what they do. You can see why, from the life of Good Little Girl Hillary Clinton. First she was daddy’s good little Goldwater Girl, but then she went to Wellesley, and good little girls at Wellesley learn to become good little lefty activists, so Hillary Rodham wrote her senior thesis on Saul Alinsky and his politics of street empowerment. Then she went straight to the head of the line as a staffer on a Watergate committee. And so on, checking elite lefty boxes all her life like the good little girl she was. Now look at her. Sad. There is a problem here, and it is that, having lost...(Read Full Article)