Orlando: Why it Means War

When an Islamic terrorist gunned down defenseless US servicemen at Fort Hood in 2009 we were told it was workplace violence. When Islamic terrorists gunned down local government employees at a picnic in San Bernardino in 2015 we were told to withhold judgment until the facts were in even though minorities and women were hardest hit. But now that an Islamic terrorist has killed 50 at a gay bar in Orlando, Florida, our rulers are calling it “terrorism,” even President Obama, even on the first day after the shooting. Now I define government as “an armed minority occupying some territory, and taxing the inhabitants thereof to reward its supporters.” It is interesting to me that the government apparently was not too exercised when a bunch of soldiers were killed, even though soldiers are the actual men with guns that keep the rulers in power. It is interesting that the government wasn’t too exercised when its local minions were gunned down, even...(Read Full Article)