Trump and the Contest to Control Conservatism

What lies at the heart of the Trump movement and those who are critical of it is the very basic question:  What is a conservative and what is conservatism? In reading Derek Hunter’s anger filled invective at, I had to wonder, where is the intensity of the anger coming from? Trump’s campaign themes are very simple, perhaps too simple, but you can sum them up in a few points:  He is for protecting American industry and manufacturing; he is against foreign intervention unless Americans national security is threatened; he is for closing the borders to all illegal immigration; and he has taken a very un-nuanced position on Islam, from a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration to statements that Islam hates us.  Unsophisticated, but still, a very different take from the rest of the candidates, from either party.  He has been running on those themes since last August, with very little variation.  One can certainly disagree with...(Read Full Article)