Bernie’s Doomed Democratic Socialism

Thanks to Bernie Sanders, “Democratic Socialism”, by which he means a cornucopia of state-supplied benefits paid for by squeezing billionaires, is now all the rage. And according to Bernie and his fans, this vision is hardly Utopian -- generous womb-to-tomb entitlements work just fine in Scandinavia. Predictably, the clamor for DS stresses the “free stuff” -- free education, including college, single-payer comprehensive medical care, universal state-funded daycare, subsidized housing, and countless other “free” or nearly free goodies. Unfortunately, little is said about price tags and, even more importantly, total silence surrounds whether an arrangement that thrives in Norway can similarly flourish in the U.S. It is assumed that people and their values are world-wide interchangeable so if all Norwegians suddenly departed and Somali immigrants replaced them, Norway’s democratic socialism would scarcely miss a beat. Absolute nonsense...(Read Full Article)