Trump and the Rise of the Donor Class

Americans are fed up and not going to take it anymore because the establishment Demicans -- the odious union of backstabbing Democrats and Republicans -- in DC are colluding with the rich donor class at the expense of the vast majority of voters. The donor class is made up of those individuals and groups with deep financial pockets who finance elections and enrich politicians.  George Soros is an example of a donor class dignitary but the public unions, including teacher unions, are also platinum card-carrying members of the donor class because of the huge amounts of money they spend making sure the policies that will enrich them at the expense of the rest of America are enacted. Demicans serve as the front men for the donor class and are rewarded with fawning reviews in the MSM and significant amounts of financial wealth. By being the public face of policies that the people don’t like, the Demicans keep the heat off of the members of the donor class and...(Read Full Article)