I Want a President Who Understands the Value of the American Nation

President Obama’s Oval Office address on Sunday night was par for the course: steady as she goes, and don’t let’s be beastly to the Muslims. I understand his hesitation. The last thing he and the ruling class he represents would want to do after the San Bernardino terror attack would be to appeal to Americans’ patriotism and vow to defend the homeland against evildoers. That would light the fires of nationalism, and you know where that leads. But the president is wrong. At some point, America’s president, this one or the next one, is going to have to unite Americans as a nation in order to win the war against Islamic extremism. As an internationalist, President Obama wants to subordinate Americans to a global elite, just as European leaders like Angela Merkel and François Hollande want to subordinate their European nations to the supranational European Union. But internationalism is folly because, as Enoch Powell might have said, there...(Read Full Article)