Madam President: Can the MSM Pull It Off Again?

Please forgive me if I am stating the obvious.  Clearly, the mainstream media plans to use the same evil dirty trick to elect Hillary it used to elect Obama.  The media's trick is simply to block voters from knowing who Hillary really is as a person, her criminal activities, and her true ideology.  The media knows that if elected, Hillary will continue Obama's far-left radical transformation of America.  Rather than race, gender will be Hillary's ever-ready trump card to silence all opposition. It is truly repulsive watching the mainstream media's all-consuming efforts to leave no stone unturned and even fabricating stories to destroy Republican presidential candidates.  The MSM's shock-and-awe attempted character assassination of Dr. Ben Carson, who is a remarkable human being, is beyond reprehensible. Though widely reported, Dr Carson did not lie about attending West Point.  The MSM attacks have backfired, igniting even more...(Read Full Article)