One Weird Chart That Explains the Great Recession

Everybody knows that “greedy bankers” were to blame for the Crash of 2008. The Democrats and their willing accomplices told us that years ago and they are sticking to their story. But there is another suspect that ought to be right in the dock along with the bankers. Its mild-mannered name is “agency debt.” It’s the debt of federal agencies and government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) that is not included in the National Debt. In other words, when you go to the U.S. Treasury’s Debt to the Penny page, and find that on September 27, 2015 the debt was $18,151,073,031,331.50 you wouldn’t find any agency debt in that number, nor in the $13,140,301,918,135.70 of Debt Held by the Public. Who cares, anyway? Well, you might care if you went over to the Federal Reserve Board’s site and found that agency debt is tucked away in its Financial Accounts of the United States report in Table L.211 and found that that agency debt at the end of 2014...(Read Full Article)