Freedom from Religion Atheists tackle Football Players

In the film A League oif Their Own, manager Tom Hanks advises a tearful player on a women’s baseball team, “There’s no crying in baseball.” According to the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), a group of permanently offended atheists that are also in a league of their own, there is no praying in football, not to mention “Hail Mary” passes to win the big game. Tim Tebow call your office. The FFRF has now gone ballistic over the baptism of an on-the-field high school football coach in Villa, Ricca, Georgia. Attendance was voluntary and the students who attended did so on their own time and of their own free will. When the FFRF saw a video of the ceremony, it fired off a letter of righteous indignation to the Carroll County School superintendent: “It is illegal for coaches to participate in religious activities with students, including prayer and baptisms,” attorney Elizabeth Cavell wrote. “Nor can coaches allow...(Read Full Article)