Democrats' victimization playbook: exploit black rage, white guilt

Regardless of one's melanin levels, the simple truth is that anyone with the wrong mind-set can raise a hand in violence or wield a firearm to commit homicide.  As guns and bullets are neutral, inanimate objects -- color blind and without self-directing intention -- it is foolhardy on a practical level, but often politically expedient as a black-white wedge issue to, in essence, “blame the gun.” That is precisely why vote-pandering Democrats -- bankrupt of fresh ideas and pragmatic solutions -- focus on de facto gun restriction (despite Second Amendment protections) through governmental bureaucracy (read: District of Columbia). In other words, make compliance standards so high as a virtually guarantee of the impossibility of legal gun ownership. Just last May 19th, reality-challenged Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser claimed “Today, DC is safer than it has been in years and we will not retreat from that progress” in defense of the...(Read Full Article)