Generations of Stolen Black Dreams

In response to my article, “Please Tell Black Lives Matter to Shut Up and Go Away,” a sincere black activist emailed asking me with what would I replace it? I asked him to explain. The bottom line of his lengthy passionate reply is “Negroes” are still not free in America. He says America has reneged on its promise of liberty and justice for all. I am black. I asked my beautiful white wife of 39 years a rhetorical question. “Am I an Uncle Tom? Is there something wrong with me? Because for the life of me, I do not have a clue what he is talking about. What is America suppose to do for blacks that it has not done?” Mary replied, “You're normal. They're wrong, stuck in a mindset.” Black unemployment, particularly under Obama, is extremely high. While many blacks have achieved their American dream, many have not. That is not white America's fault. Behavioral issues are laying waste to the black community. Over 70%...(Read Full Article)