What Do 21st Century Mothers Want?

Sigmund Freud asked the question over a century ago: “What Does a Woman Want?” Even though he'd spent “thirty years in research into the feminine soul,” in particular that mystery within a mystery, feminine hysteria. Well, on Mothers Day, women want to be recognized for the daily sacrifice of bearing and raising children. In a life of proving daily devotion and care, they want a day where the devotion and care goes the other way. Yes, yes, you say. But aside from that, what do women really want? I think, as a result of my sixty-plus years of diligent research into the feminine soul, that the answer is simple, if trivial. Women want what they are told to want. Pace The Taming of the Shrew, women are overwhelmingly conformable Kates, just like Kate's annoyingly cloying sister Bianca. You know the type. They are just like you and me, the folk that dutifully paid our FICA taxes all our lives, and now we demand to receive our Social Security...(Read Full Article)