Moral Bullies and the Laws That Enable Them

A bakery in Georgia was legally compelled to bake a cake for a KKK birthday party, which had refused to do so because it violated the owner’s religious beliefs.* This week a TV station in Indiana drummed up a hate fest against a pizza restaurant in Indiana which serves everyone equally but for religious reasons said if asked -- no one but an ambitious reporter had -- to cater a gay wedding, they’d probably refuse on religious grounds. If you like that both gays and straights, unhappy with the threats of arson and mayhem heaped upon the pizza restaurant based on a thought “crime” over a theoretical ,raised over $842,000 in two days time to get them back in operation, you probably don’t like the notion of the state deciding what religious precepts you may follow in conducting your business. I think it’s time to consider whether, in an effort to undo state mandated discrimination against blacks, we have gone too far afield and should scale...(Read Full Article)