How to Bring Back Traditional Education

Traditional education has taken a real beating the last 75 years.  The entire Education Establishment lined up to demonize everything that teachers and schools had done for many thousands of years.  The result is the vastly dumbed down classrooms we have now in K-12 education. But how, at this point, can we resurrect a vanishing paradigm?  As we will see, there is one example left, as if preserved in a time capsule. Apparently, giving children lots of knowledge is what our socialist professors hate about traditional education.  So these ideologues came up with a parade of insults, all designed to stop schools from fulfilling their essential function. We were told that traditional schools regard students as "empty vessels" to be filled with facts.  Clearly we're supposed to think this is a terrible thing.  But what if these vessels are filled with intellectual silver and gold? Why is that so bad? People like...(Read Full Article)