Why China Will Lose the War It is Planning

How do we know the war is coming in the first place?  Because the advertising for it is out.  Amongst plenty of other evidence, one Chinese front organisation conducted a poll on Australian attitudes to the ANZUS treaty and a Chinese attack on Japan.  Why would they conduct such a poll unless they are going to attack Japan?  Not that they were interested in the results as such.  They just wanted to be able to publicize the poll in order to try to keep Australia on the sidelines of their war. The war will have two functions for China.  Firstly, it will provide legitimacy for the regime as economic growth stalls.  Secondly, the Chinese will have pride in humiliating their neighbouring countries, and the United States, by defeating them in battle and creating no-go zones in the oceans which other countries won’t be able to enter without Chinese permission.  The war will have nothing to do with oil and gas resources under the seabed and...(Read Full Article)