The Tenth Anniversary of Terri Schiavo's Death Penalty

In Florida, persons condemned to death have a choice of how their death sentence will be carried out. The condemned have the option of electrocution or the less spectacular (and presumably less painful) lethal injection. This, of course, is after all their appeals have been exhausted. One thing is certain: people are executed by the state as punishment for heinous and reprehensible crimes. Nobody gets the death penalty for speeding or shoplifting. Or for being sick, for that matter. Well, maybe for being sick. Ten years ago, on March 31st, there was one execution in Florida that transcended the electric chair or the fatal needle, and, equally, had the full and prestigious weight of Florida law behind it. That legal weight came from now-retired Florida probate Judge George Greer, who declared from the bench that Terri Schiavo should die. Judge Greer issued a death sentence just as effectively lethal as any handed down for murder. It was a legalized medical execution for...(Read Full Article)