'Our Kids' are 'Coming Apart' Because Liberals

Back in 2012 Charles Murray came out with Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010. He argued that in Obama's America the top 20 percent was doing fine. Top 20 percenters get educated, get careers, get married, stay married; they live in wealthy suburbs like Belmont in Massachusetts. The middle 50 percent isn't doing too good. But the bottom 30 percent of whites that live in places like Philadelphia's Fishtown, isn't doing very well at all. The women don't get married and the men -- about 30 percent of them -- don't work. Now comes Robert D. Putnam with Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis. Returning to his hometown of Port Clinton, Ohio, Putnam tells the story of today's kids, like these two black kids. One's the child of married, educated parents and he's doing fine. The other's a child of the black working class, and he complains that his parents “couldn't live together for nothing” and loves beating people...(Read Full Article)