The Media Questionator and My ISIS Airlift Strategy

I really am just an amateur inventor. I admit at the outset I am not an engineer or math major. Unlike Brian Williams, Walter Cronkite, John Chancellor, Carl Bernstein, William Safire, and Nina Totenberg, however, I am not a college dropout. In fact, I even have an advanced degree. I can hear you now: that’s the news business you say -- anyone can succeed as a newsie provided you have no shame in dissembling and pick the right side -- that is the left side -- of the political fence to promote. I anticipate you’ll say that you really need to be an engineer or math major to create a useful new device, but you’d be as wrong as suggesting artists, businessmen or journalists need one to succeed. We all know the story of Steve Jobs, who dropped out of Reed College. Since the days of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, many business leaders got their starts without the benefit of degrees, including Larry Ellison of Oracle, Bill Gates and Paul Allen of Microsoft, Mark...(Read Full Article)