Leftists Demand: Shut Up, Submit or Suffer the Consequences!

Well folks, here I go again putting myself out there at risk of the Left dragging my Christian black conservative derriere into the public square and flogging me within an inch of my political life. But I just cannot seem to let it go. It sticks in my craw that Leftists get away with portraying themselves as victims of traditional America, while in reality, they are the relentless vicious aggressors forcing their socialist/progressive agenda down our throats; bullying people into submission and silence. Remember the Left's shock and awe campaign to destroy Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty for daring to quote the Bible regarding one of their sacred-cow issues? Their attack on Robertson sent a chilling message to the rest of us. Determined to make everyone bend their knee to their gods, the Left dug up statements the Benham brothers made years ago quoting the Bible's take on an issue, resulting in the canceling of the brother's show on HGTV. The Left demands full...(Read Full Article)