The Primal Scream of the Tribal Mind

See what a couple of beheadings will do? It looks like the soccer moms of 1996 that became the security moms of 2004 that became the Walmart moms of 2012 have confirmed the Duke of Mantua's complaint: “La donna è mobile.” The fickle little minxes have taken one look at the ISIS beheadings and all of a sudden the ISIS moms have put the president at 37% approval. Now the girls are back to asking the president “Is it safe?” And the president is having to pretend to make war on the Islamists. So that's all right. But it makes you yearn for a strategic mind like Mitt Romney, who could actually think a couple moves ahead in the game of international chess. To think strategically you need a worldview, a theory about the world, something that takes the random data of the world and makes it into a pattern, because we humans are programmed to interpret everything into a pattern. But what if your world view is wrong? That is the hit on the...(Read Full Article)