Eric Holder's Original Sin

In setting out to write my book “You Lie!” my initial goal was to chronicle Barack Obama’s major deceptions. In doing so, alas, I ended up writing the history of the presidency. Among the boldest of the deceptions was the canard that Obama’s would be a post-racial presidency. Barack Obama, after all, seemed just too white to play the race card effectively. That much Obama knew himself. He also knew if he did not meet the needs of the soi-disant civil rights movement, its veteran profiteers might just make good on Jesse Jackson’s threat “to cut his nuts off,” at least figuratively. To keep the demagogues out of their knife drawers, Obama appointed Eric Holder attorney general. A Ron Brown protégé, Holder came of age in the minority huckster wards of D.C., the most relentlessly corrupt slice of political America since Boss Tweed hung up his Tammany money belt more than a century earlier. Holder did not disappoint. In his very first public act as attorney...(Read Full Article)