Changing the Climate, One Mansion at a Time

As concerned climatics infested New York and other centers of first-world self-concern on the day before the first day of autumn to express their worries about seasonal change, night into day, and other climate/weather cycles they displayed their usual hypocrisy, selfishness and oh yes, ignorance.   Listen again as gazillionaire elitists such as Robert F. Kennedy Junior (son of/member of the fabled, extremely wealthy Kennedy clan) and actor Leonardo DiCaprio babble about saving our planet. "Climate change is compromising the very livability of our planet," the actor, sporting a long, scraggly beard and long hair pulled back into a bun, said as he accepted the Clinton Global Citizen Award for philanthropy. That reducing carbon emissions might compromise the very livability of millions, denying them electricity, clean water, adequate food, heat and other luxuries -- or else making them very expensive -- seems to be irrelevant to DiCaprio, Kennedy, and their...(Read Full Article)