Let's Fight for the Nation State

Everyone that has half a brain understands that the foundations are shaking. Richard Fernandez is wondering what comes next. Can the nation state survive today's modern identity politics where supposed Brits and Norwegians go to the Middle East to fight for ISIS? Then you read Michael A. Cohen, a good liberal from the Century Foundation, who blithely writes this about the upcoming midterms: In an election cycle in which Republicans are seemingly immersed in full-scale intra-party civil war, Democrats are keeping their powder dry. A party that used to be divided over the most primal issues in American politics -- race, war, labor vs. business -- is more unified than at any other time in recent history. Who knows? RealClearPolitics election maven Sean Trende has looked at the Washington State primary and determined that the midterm looks about average: bad for the president's party but not too bad. But let's think Fernandez and his worry about the nation...(Read Full Article)