Congressman Ryan and the Ending of Poverty

Remember poor Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) who had the misfortunate to explain high levels of male inner-city poverty by a weak work ethic? He was, of course, excoriated for his heretical opinion, forced to apologize to the Congressional Black Caucus and quickly claimed that he was misunderstood. Well, he’s back and has learned a painful lesson when honestly addressing poverty.   In a 73 page report, Expanding Opportunity in America Ryan offers a statistics-laden, heavily footnoted blueprint to uplift the destitute by returning policy-making to the states and localities, increasing accountability, and upping fiscal monitoring, all the while being more flexible and innovative.  It is a catalogue of wonkish cures touching on education, family life, criminal justice and job training, all of it high-sounding and decorated with lots of tables and charts. Ryan’s dense report is probably DOA but its very existence vis-à-vis his earlier inflammatory...(Read Full Article)