Belgium Legalizes Medicalized Killing of Children

It's hardly news that Europe is ground zero for the moral catastrophe of pro-death madness.  Hundreds have traveled to Swiss death clinic Dignitas, where they are put to death, at their request, by assisted suicide.  Luxembourg thinks killing via euthanasia and assisted suicide is just dandy, as do the Dutch.  In 2002, Belgium followed this hellish contagion. The pro-death story in each of these countries has been the same: legal, medicalized killing supposedly for a very few under very specific circumstances, followed by the expansion of killing to categories of people who were never, ever defined under the law as being eligible for death.  The unsurprising result has been unregulated killing, people being killed who never requested euthanasia, "regulatory" panels stacked with pro-death zealots, and skyrocketing body counts everywhere.  Even less surprising, the availability of death on demand has bent the public will to acceptance...(Read Full Article)