All-Alaska Gas Pipeline Will Spike America's Energy Boom

America's energy boom is about to take another huge leap forward as the State of Alaska is on the verge of approving the $50 billion All-Alaskan Gas Pipeline (AAGP). The massive project will transport "stranded" North Slope natural gas south down the Kenai Peninsula to a new port built to export Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to Asian markets. The project expects to gain the State Legislature's approval in 60 days, finish planning and begin six years of construction in 2018. Despite drilling on U.S. federal land shrinking every year since 2008, individual states are aggressively partnering with the private sector to build intra-state energy projects that do not cross any foreign borders and are thus exempt from the type of presidential approval requirements that stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline. AAGP will have spectacularly positive economic impacts on Alaskan citizens and cut America's trade deficit by up to $24 billion a year. The All-Alaska Gas Pipeline is being championed by...(Read Full Article)