The Four Freedoms: 75 Years of Liberal Betrayal

In the second half of the 2000s liberals did a fine job of blaming Bush for everything that went wrong in the US. His "neo-con" supporters, they asserted, were just as bad. Now that President Obama and his signature legislation are a twin disaster the same opportunity beckons for conservatives. It's not just Obama, it's the whole liberal project that created this mess. So the road to 2016 involves discrediting Obama, but also the whole liberal ruling class. A good place to start would be FDR's Four Freedoms, for when the campaign to elect the un-Obama kicks off in 2016 it will be 75 years since Franklin Delano Roosevelt unveiled his Four Freedoms on January 6, 1941. In case you forgot, the freedoms were: Freedom of Speech Freedom of Worship Freedom from Want Freedom from Fear Have you ever thought about how the liberals have utterly betrayed the noble sentiments of the Four Freedoms?Nothing personal here. It's just that all power corrupts, and liberal power corrupts absolutely. Let...(Read Full Article)