Why the French Want to Dump the Euro

Former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon recently said that voting for the far-right National Front could be "acceptable." This is a code-word for Marine Le Pen's right-wing National Front that opposes immigration and euro common currency are the leading party in the polls, so French welfare-state politicians better get on board with the "dump the euro" movement or be wiped out in the next election. With at least one in four French voters ready to support the National Front, Ms. Le Pen is forming a Tea Party-type coalition with conservatives in the United Kingdom, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the Nordic states. The National Front and its allies seem positioned to shock the world by winning control of the 766 seats European Parliament next year. Fran├žois Charles Armand Fillon was the chief architect of expanding the French welfare state over the last decade. As Minister of Labour in 2002, he pushed through the controversial French 35-hour work week law and lowered the...(Read Full Article)