Selling Conservatism to Minorities

I wonder if my hypersensitivity about attacks on the Tea Party may have caused me to embarrass myself during an interview on a Detroit radio program.  The host asked, "What is the Tea Party doing to be more diverse?"  I replied, "Nothing."  I went on to explain that I did not see a need for the Tea Party to make special concessions or pander to me because I am black. The host pressed further.  "No, I am not asking for special concessions.  I want to know: what is the Tea Party doing to be more inclusive?"  I may have misunderstood his question. Perhaps I suffer slightly from Battered Conservative Syndrome.  I get annoyed whenever I hear suggestions that conservatives should be more "diverse" and "inclusive," because it usually means lowering behavioral and academic standards.  When are you stuffy conservatives going to modernize, embrace an "anything goes" mindset, and appeal to the lowest...(Read Full Article)