Who Rules: Politicians or Wall Street?

Want to get the voters riled up for the next election? Blame the banksters. The politicians had a grand old time blaming the greedy bankers for the Crash of 2008, and President Obama was still at it last week with his Five Year Anniversary Speech. You know the kind of thing: "tough new rules on big banks... new protections that cracked down on the worst practices of mortgage lenders and credit card companies." And not a word about the CRA. What is not to like? Now Scott Rasmussen is all riled up that the politicians serve Wall Street over Main Street. They rescued the big banks in 2008 with TARP & Co. even though the average Main Street American hated it. The financial and political elite just ignored public opinion and saved Wall Street over Main Street. So Wall Street rules. And I suppose that the Republican Party is the party of Wall Street. If that is so then why does Nancy Pelosi complain that "Democrats put forward 140 votes, while just 65 Republicans supported President...(Read Full Article)